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AMIS International Solo & Ensemble Festival
Saturday January 26, 2008
American School of The Hague.
Jim Yarnell, host organizer
November 15 AMIS International Solo and Ensemble Intention Form Due (Online)
December 10 AMIS International Solo and Ensemble List of Participants and
Summary Form Due (Online)
December 15 AMIS International Solo and Ensemble Payment Due
January 10 No changes of personnel for AMIS International Solo and Ensemble Festival -Only cancellation of entry possible after this date
January 26 AMIS International Solo and Ensemble Festival, ASH

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General Information

The 2008 Solo and Ensemble Festival remains in its birthplace The American School of The Hague where it was held from its inception through 1994, when it was reluctantly abandoned as an ASH project at the time that ASH took over the hosting duties for the International Honor Band and Choir Festival.

For the two years of 1995 and 1996 the festival was not held, due to lack of a suitable venue and host. Its renewal as a part of the AMIS calendar has been greeted enthusiastically by members and non-members alike.

The 1997 and 1998 festivals were held at The International School of Dusseldorf attracting over 300 performers each year in grades 4 through 12, from a large number of schools from The Hague to Moscow. Since 1999 the festival has been held at The American School of the Hague

The Festival is for students from the middle through high school levels. Instrumentalists should have at least one year of playing experience. Emphasis is on the educational rather than competitive aspects of participation. All students are adjudicated by professional music educators in both oral and written form. At the conclusion of judging all judges will give a short masterclass for participants in their judging room. The final event of the day is a concert featuring the work of one or more judges.

Complete details for entering students can be obtained from the Festival Handbooks.

Hotel Information for Participants in the AMIS Solo and Ensemble Festival

The event annually attracts well over 400 participants. Due to this number
we request that schools make their own hotel accommodations. The following
are recommended hotels close by the school that you may want to contact
should you need accommodation.

Holiday Inn Hotel - Leiden:

van der Valk Hotel - Leiden:

Bastion Hotel Leiden:

Hotels in Leiden (.pdf)

Should you need any further assisatnce please E-mail.