Choir and Theatre Ensembles: Why Join?

Choir and Theatre EnsemblesWant to sing in public rather than solely to your cat or in the shower? Well, you’ll want to do some research into the local choirs and theatre ensemble programs. A choir is the best way to practice, develop and strengthen vocal skills at a comfortable pace. The social setting and group environment is something you won’t want to miss because when people get together to sing, their voice becomes their favourite instrument. The best thing about a choir is the fact that everyone can sing. You may not know it yet, but once you’re introduced to some of the methods and practices used in choir settings you’ll be that much more confident.

Some people think that vocals are taught differently than any other instrument but vocal skills are developed using precisely the same musical theory. Learning notes, tones and harmonies is the best way to get acquainted with reading music before taking on an instrument. You’ll develop skills in multitasking and memory while exercising your concentration and your knowledge on all things music.

One of the greatest parts of a choir is the team experience. Your social network of musicians at all levels will grow significantly and sometimes the group will bond even more, putting on shows or travelling for tours. Joining is a great way to integrate a comfortable, learning environment with a social experience. Cooperation is high within these groups and individuals thrive in many areas of their life after building relationships with choir groups (or theatre ensembles, for that matter!).

Don’t miss out on the benefits of being part of a group by maintaining attendance at regular meetings and following the learning curve with those around you. The support is significant in choirs because they provide one of the most comfortable spaces available for learning, socialising and making music.

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