Learning to Sing: Improve Your Vocals

Singing is one of the most accessible forms of music and is understood as a form of communication worldwide. The inflections and beat that can be made using the body as an instrument is – historically – one of the most beautiful forms of art. There isn’t a person

Music Education in Schools

What do some of the countries perceived as “most intelligent” have in common? They all put heavy emphasis on arts education, expression and recreation in the early years. Eastern countries and individualised civilisations have lost the ability to maintain strong artistic education for their children. Some western civilisations fail

Kids and Children: Increasing Exposure to Music

Have you ever wondered how you learned to dance? How you learned to move to the music and feel the beat? One of the first personality traits that children display is this very ability. The heartbeat is the child’s original soundtrack for nine months. It can be widely seen

Choir and Theatre Ensembles: Why Join?

Want to sing in public rather than solely to your cat or in the shower? Well, you’ll want to do some research into the local choirs and theatre ensemble programs. A choir is the best way to practice, develop and strengthen vocal skills at a comfortable pace. The social

The Most Popular Musical Instruments

Are you a fan of music and musical instruments? Are you hoping to start learning how to play one? You may want to consider some of the more popular musical instruments to begin with. The more popular the musical instrument, the more readily available the lessons and teachers are.

Learning How To Play an Instrument

Have you ever imagined yourself on the stage or have you ever been in your room playing away on a pretend musical instrument, lost in the moment? Well, you shouldn’t wait any longer because if you’ve ever had the urge to play a musical instrument it is easier than

Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

Picking up and learning a musical instrument may be one of the most beneficial ways to spend your time because the benefits are significantly positive. You’ll surely feel at the top of your game if you decide to move music into your routine. You can use this skill in